<div class="form-group">
   <label for="comment">start typing with @</label>
   <textarea class="form-control" rows="5" id="comment"></textarea>


var users = [
  {username: 'lodev09', fullname: 'Jovanni Lo'},
  {username: 'foo', fullname: 'Foo User'},
  {username: 'bar', fullname: 'Bar User'},
  {username: 'twbs', fullname: 'Twitter Bootstrap'},
  {username: 'john', fullname: 'John Doe'},
  {username: 'jane', fullname: 'Jane Doe'},


$('#comment').suggest('@', {
  data: users,
  map: function(user) {
    return {
      value: user.username,
      text: '<strong>'+user.username+'</strong> <small>'+user.fullname+'</small>'

via Promise or ajax

Ajax is supported by having the data function return a jqXHR object. The function takes a single parameter containing the mention text string.

$('#comment').suggest('@', {
  data: function(q) {
    if (q) {
      return $.getJSON("users/data.json", { q: q });
  // ...

via “provide” function

A provide function is provided for you to call on after securing your data (don’t return anything to the data option function to avoid conflict)

$('#comment').suggest('@', {
  data: function(q, provide) {
    if (q) {
      $.getJSON("users/data.json", { q: q }, function(data) {
        // simply call provide and pass on your data!;

      // we aren't returning any
  // ...


Add delay search while typing

timeout = null;
$('#comment').suggest('@', {
  data: function(q, lookup) {
    var processData = function() {
      $.getJSON("users/lookup.json", { q: q }, function(data) {;

    if (timeout) {
      timeout = null;

    timeout = setTimeout(processData, 500);
  // ...



Single suggest

$('#textarea').suggest(key [, options])

Multiple suggest

$('#textarea').suggest({key: options, key2: options})


option type default description
data array/function [] an array (of objects or string) or a callback function
map callback undefined a callback function that is used to map the display and value of each item
filter object option that will let you set the filter behaviour
onshow(e) event callback none triggered when the dropdown is shown
onselect(e, item) event callback none triggered after selecting the item
onlookup(e, item) event callback none triggered when searching for an item
dropdownClass string ”“ additional class of the dropdown
position string/object/function “caret” position of the dropdown menu. string values: bottom, top, caret
endKey string ”“ string key that will append at the selected values
respectWhitespace boolean true ignore whitespace restriction so whitespace is included in filtering when backspacing and also doesnt require a space between suggest usage


event params description
show none triggered when the dropdown is shown
select object item triggered after selecting the item
lookup object item triggered when searching for an item


$('#comments').suggest('@', 'lookup', '...');
method params description
get int index returns an object item
lookup string q search for an item given by the q (query) string
show show dropdown
hide hide dropdown


property type description
$element jQuery the element
$items array items array (jquery objects)
key string the main key
isShown boolean true if the dropdown is shown
query string current q (query)